I am now currently accepting art commissions on Tumblr. :3 This goes out to all my followers, and if your’e not interested, it would definitely help if you could reblog this at least to pass it around. 
NOTE: You do not have to follow me to order a commission!

SECOND NOTE: You MUST have a pay pal in order to pay for your commission!

Now here’s how I’m gonna break this down. First, Rules:

  • Flexibility:  I am open to new ideas and to work around my prices a bit. But please be noted I am not currently giving a free handout unless it’s part of a special. (See more on that down below)
  • What I will draw: I will draw mostly anything, but the things I will not draw are- Hentai/porn/whateverthehellyouwanttocallit, and nude pictures. Iv’e never come across this, but Iv’e seen enough on tumblr that I just want to take note of it. So, just as a reminder, I will not be doing any of these kinds of pictures. I just genuinely don’t draw that kind of stuff. Cuddly OTP/Ship pictures are fine, just as long as they don’t contain the above.

I will add more if an issue arises. :3

Now, here is a list of all my prices and kinds of commissions I will be doing:

(Look at the references above to see an example of each kind of drawing)

  • Pencil/Ink/Pen Sketch: These will be simple sketches in pencil or ink as you specify, and can be a bust or body sketch. - $2
  • Grayscale: A picture of anything with a grayscale, basically a picture that’s inked and colored in with light and dark grays. - $ 3-5
  • Fully Colored on photoshop: You will get a nice and neat coloring of your picture of choice. This will be the lengthier of all the types of commissions time wise, or how long I get it done (since I suck at photoshop ._. ). - $5-7
  • Fully Colored with Copic Markers: I just got some beautiful 100 dollar worth of Copics, and they are dying to be used. This is something I can do fairly fast. - $7-9
  • Bookmark Designs! ( Limted time): This is a new thing I’m trying, that you can either buy one bookmark design (Basically a layout of the bookmark that you print) for $5, or you can buy a whole set of six for $8! As with all of my commissions, the design of the bookmark is up to you!
  • Sprites: Whether it be Homestuck or pokemon, I can do it. I mostly do head sprites of pokemon trainers, so try to stick within that catagory. - $3

Wow I sound like walmart.. ._. Oh well…
For every five commissions I complete, one out of five of those people will get a free commission of their choice!- The same goes if you buy multiple commissions, you will be entered that many times. So, if you bought two commissions, and then three others bought one commission each, you would be in the drawing for a free commission two times. More chances for more stuff!
Repeat buyers! If you buy at least three commissions (No matter what kind) you will also get a free commission!
Well there you have it! Spread the word, and if you are interested just message me and we will discuss what you would like to buy.
Thank you~!